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15th August 2022 

How often do counsellors and clients meet?
We usually meet once a week for 50 minutes. This gives clients time to think about what was discussed, but often enough for the cousellor and client to form a working relationship. We agree holiday times together, so we both know what to expect.

What is confidentiality?
This means that outside of our work, I canot repeat anything you tell me without your permission. I will have a supervisor who I will discuss our work with, who is also bound to keep your confidence. You would not be identifiable from any notes I keep, which you could see at any time. The only two issues I could not keep confidential, are harm to children or the planning of acts of terrorism.

What is the BACP?
The British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists has an aim to raise the standard and profile of counselling as a profession. It includes an ethical code which all members must work within. You can complain to the BACP if you feel one of their members had behaved unethically towards you. They have an excellent website which descibes this code and also has a register of counsellors.

What is a non-jugemental environment?
A counsellor should accept you without any prejudice about your lifestyle or opinions. It is not our job to say something is wrong or bad about your life, these opinions are yours only to make.