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15th August 2022 

About my Counselling practice

Counselling is not about advice or the kind of support that friends offer, it involves meeting at a regular time, usually weekly, to talk through the things on your mind. After a phone consultation I can offer an assessment session, which would give us the chance to find out if I am the right person to help you and if I can offer what you want. We would then contract between us on how long we want to work together, our aims and methods and the cost and times. This means you can be secure about the terms of our arrangement and enjoy talking in a confidential and non-judgemental place.
A session costs 40 and lasts for one hour. If people have a very low income then we negotiate a manageable fee. I keep this price as low as possible because I have a commitment to being able to offer counselling to people who may not otherwise be able to afford a highly qualified therapist.